I purchased two SDS200 scanners on June 28, 2019.  One came from Amazon.  The other came from Ham Radio Outlet.  Both were $699.99 at the time.

The SDS200 rivals the Unication G5 for P25 LSM systems.  I find that it needs a minimum of -88 dBm signal strength to reliably decode P25 LSM systems.  

Surprisingly, it does not work as well as the Whistler TRX1 or TRX2 on DMR systems.

I set the Global Auto Filter option to “Wide Normal” for best performance on the Ohio-MARCS-IP P25 System.  If this filter is set to “Normal” the signal strength drops by 10 – 15 dB which, in my location, makes receiving the MARCS much worse.

I would definitely buy the SDS200 again, especially if you have a LSM system you want to listen to.

Buy the SDS200 HERE

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