I purchased my PSR-800 back in 2011.  There was an early problem with the faceplate paint on the scanner.  GRE had a replacement program where they would send you an new faceplate which I took advantage on in December of 2011.  

On July 26, 2019, I sent the PSR-800 to Whistler to take advantage of their $59.99 legacy scanner upgrade program that upgrades the scanner to the equivalent of the Whistler WS-1080 and adds DMR capability.

Before Whistler offered this upgrade, I used an unauthorized upgrade using the GREFwTool.  This allowed you to upload Whistler WS-1080 firmware version 4.5 to the scanner.  The PSR-800’s DMR capability and performance was enough to convince me to do the official upgrade.  However, I had to downgrade the scanner firmware back to the PSR-800 firmware before sending it into Whistler.  Otherwise, they charge you $89.99 for scanners that have the unauthorized firmware.  

Unfortunately, the original author of the GREFwTool had discontinued the project and removed the code from his repository on github.  Luckily, I had saved a copy of the github repository and was able to build the tool myself.  I then uploaded my copy of the source code to github so that the tool is available to those who might need it.  The tool is very useful for upgrading and downgrading firmware versions on the scanner, so it should be preserved.

The PSR-800 does not do very well on P25 Simulcast systems like many other scanners.  There are some settings that can be changed to improve the performance on Simulcast systems, but they can only do so much.

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